Shut Out, Priced Out, and Segregated
The Need for Fair Housing for People with Disabilities . . . . . .

SOPOS Coalition
The SOPOS Coalition is a multi-disciplinary group of experts who are committed to implementing the recommendations of the SOPOS Report. They represent architects, developers, builders, lenders, professors, attorneys, disability advocates, government agencies, nonprofits, and others. The Coalition includes people who were involved in writing the report as well as others who want to help implement it. The Coalition took its name from the title of the SOPOS Report: "Shut Out, Priced Out and Segregated."

In 2008, the National Fair Housing Alliance, along with four other plaintiffs--including Metro Fair Housing Services, filed suit against A.G. Spanos Companies, one of the largest construction companies in the United States and a major developer of multi-family apartment communities. The suit alleged that Spanos violated the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 by building apartments that were inaccessible to people with disabilities. The lawsuit was resolved with Spanos agreeing to pay more than $12 million to retrofit 13,200 units in 41 developments throughout the country. To learn more about the Spanos settlement, go to:

National Fair Housing Alliance (Click Here To View Settlement Agreement)

While there were a number of affirmative steps outlined in the stipulations, two of them impacted Metro Fair Housing Services (MFHS) directly.

Local Retrofit Funds
Spanos agreed to contribute $750,000 to be used by the five plaintiffs to establish local retrofit funds. MFHS received a total of $100,000 over a two-year period and has used those funds to retrofit housing
for families of eighteen people with disabilities in Georgia.

To show how the funds have made a difference in the lives of Georgians, MFHS produced a DVD titled, "Living At Home." (Click Here To View "Living At Home" Video)

Public Policy Report
Spanos also agreed to contribute an additional $40,000 to produce a public policy report on the housing needs of people with disabilities. Spanos gave MFHS the lead role in developing the report, since the idea for the report had been suggested by the MFHS Board Chair. MFHS recruited a panel of more than 30 experts in housing and disability advocacy, which met and worked on the report for more than seven months. In September, 2011, the panel released the final report, "Shut Out, Priced Out and Segregated: the Need for Fair Housing for People with Disabilities" (or "SOPOS Report").

The report identified three elements necessary to ensure that people with disabilities have access to appropriate housing: accessibility, affordability, and integration. The report also describes best practices and lists ten recommendations for improving housing for people with disabilities. While the report addresses the specific housing needs of people with disabilities in Georgia, the Coalition expects that much of the material will be relevant and useful to other states as well.

The SOPOS Report is available in two formats:

  4 Page Briefing (View Briefing Version)
  Full Report (View Full Version)

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